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The following list represents a comprehensive system of interlinked workshops designed to address the strategy and tactics issues of generating employment outcomes.

Each workshop is a stand-alone training program. You can use a single workshop or combine several to meet your needs. You can focus on building staff skills or a much bigger project such as redeveloping or enhancing the whole system for generating employment outcomes.

Please contact us with questions on EMP workshops or for pricing information.

Our Future - Visioning (OF)
Two day facilitated process to enable an organization to concretely define their strategic direction or vision.

Facilitation - 2 days

Employment Outcomes - The Ideas II (EOI-II)
One-day program that provides the foundation models and strategic framework to ensure employment outcomes for all clients regardless of employment barriers. This workshop focuses on the fundamental concepts and ideas that drive successful employment programs regardless of the employment candidates employment barriers.

EOI-II is our upgraded next generation version of our original EOI workshop. It provides newer ideas that had not been developed when the original EOI program was written.

It is a one day facilitated workshop with a fully detailed participant's manual.

Employment Outcomes Professional II (EOPII)
Three-day program that teaches the practical marketing skills needed for successful job development. If you want to know how job development practically works this EOPII workshop is the one for you.

EOPII is the upgraded next generation version of our older EOP program. The marketing and selling techniques in the EOPII program are better versions and additions to what is in the old EOP program.

A 3 day workshop with a detailed participants manual.

Advanced Marketing Skills for Job Developers (AMS)
You already do job development - finding jobs for people with employment barriers. You hope, need or want to do more with these job development efforts. DTG-EMP’s Advanced Marketing Skills for Job Developers (AMS) can take job developers and your organization to higher performance levels in generating employment outcomes. It focuses on expanded and more sophisticated marketing and selling skill sets built on the EOPII model or significant field experience.

A 2 day faciltiated workshop supported with a detailed participant's manual.

Employment Outcomes Fundamentals (EOF)
This one-day program is delivered to professionals wanting to understand the basics driving successful job development. It is delivered to small or large audiences and is often used as large group training event. EOF will be of interest to staff wanting to verify their past work and to rookies wanting a quick start on how it is done. EOF is priced at a set rate for the day regardless of the number of participants (up 150 people). EOF pricing tries to ensure cost is not an issue for participation.

Employment Outcomes Coaching (EOC)
Individual job developers will get on site sales call coaching involving preparing for the call, making the employer call and debriefing after the call so they are succeeding with the skills taught.

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