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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have budget limitations, how can we access your materials?
EMP gives scholarships to individuals who find themselves unable to attend an open workshop because of budget restrictions. We also believe that we offer great value and that if we can help you do your business better, you will do more business with us. Finally, we will work with you to assist you in soliciting funds from sources you may have available.

Who will benefit from the training you offer?
EMP's training is designed to help the staff and management responsible for finding jobs for your consumers. Ultimately it is your consumers, your employers and your community who will most benefit as the people you work with get employment.

Our consumers are changing, we are getting more people with more employment barriers, what can we do?
EMP specializes in job development for people that are hard to serve. Give us a call and tell us what you are facing and we can make some suggestions.

We need to increase our revenue at the agency. How can you help?
We have seen USA state agencies SSI/DI reimbursements go up as they use our materials to increase their employment outcomes and individuals staying on the job. This is one way the agency is increasing revenue. Other organizations are able to do more business as a result of being more effective in generating employment outcomes. They have been able to create job development as a profit center.

What is working for the chronically unemployed consumer?
You need to take a look at the reThinking unEmployment program on the "Workshops" pages. This program is having a profound impact on chronic unemployment for TANF (welfare), VR, Corrections, and many other groups addressing long-term unemployment.

What kind of results have others got from using your materials?
It is hard to predict the results, as we cannot control how the materials we teach will be used or under what conditions. But as with all job development training, if the materials you taught were not working, few people would use you a second time. We have many long-standing repeat business relationships with our customers. We would be happy to give you some references if you want to talk to some of our customers.

What happens after the training has finished?
We provide on going support to everyone who has taken our training. We will do this at a distance, at no charge, by email or fax. If more support is needed, for a fee we will do on-site coaching, assisting staff going out to employer visits. We will help the staff prepare, conduct the visit and then debrief the staff on the visit. We will also do this at the management level for planning and revising plans on job development strategy.

How do you know your system actually works?
We have used all the skills we teach ourselves. We had the same experience our customers are having; their consumers are getting jobs. (See reference list)

What makes your training different than any other job placement training?
I don't know that answer, as I don't know all your other training options. What we feel is strong in our training is that it is practical, doable and realistic. We also use a systems approach, which means we know how the whole system of job development should work. We have taken on projects for placing as few as one person to as many as 100,000. When you work in big numbers, you need to know how the whole system works.

What kind of training materials do you provide?
A fully detailed training manual supports all our workshops. It is written to be a resource for each participant for everything taught in the workshop. We do not use blank page training, relying on your memory to capture all the information being taught. All workshops are leader driven with a facilitator who is an expert in job development.

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