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About Employment Management Professionals Inc. (EMP)
Employment Management Professionals (EMP) is a Canadian consulting and training firm specializing in employment outcomes strategy and skill development for organizations/staff serving people with employment barriers.

Since 1989 our staff have been developing, refining and using job development solutions, as well as building strategies and techniques for employment outcomes success.

EMP methods are field-tested. We have worked with most employment barriers from the easy to the hard (deaf/blind, SPMI) in areas with high unemployment, with significant employer resistance and with staff who are beginners or jaded veterans.

We focus on two concepts:

  • Abandon no one to unemployment
  • If you can get jobs for the hardest to serve - you can get jobs for anyone

Job development and employment are integral to the vocational services delivery system. Solutions start at the top and involve a synergy throughout the organization.

Professionals want practical and proven methods, which make sense and can be used at once. EMP workshops are designed to be interactive, practical and immediately applicable. EMP staff use the skills we teach in our workshops.

We help with the implementation of our materials through distance consultations or on-site coaching with staff as they plan for and visit with employers.

Core ideas that are part of our thinking and training about job development are:

  1. Job seekers do not have to be job ready to go to work. Plenty of people who were not job ready are working.
  2. A linear path works for the most able and a nonlinear path for the less able.
  3. We respond to the job market; the job market does not respond to us.
  4. Job development is sales and marketing, not education or counseling, although education and counseling are often sales and marketing.
  5. Employer needs are the keys to jobs, not candidate skills.
  6. Failing at a job is a good beginning, not a poor ending.
  7. The employer is the linchpin to jobs - gain control here and all is possible.
  8. The only absolute must in going to work is the motivation to work.

EMP Inc. knows strategies, skills and techniques for getting people with employment barriers to work. Let us help you find the options you need!

Download our Ensuring Employment Outcomes brochure to read more about our philosophy and approach to employment outcomes.

If you would like a customized, practical solution to your employment outcomes issues, let EMP give you a proposal.

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Employment Management Professionals Inc. (EMP)
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