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Welcome to Employment Management Professionals Inc. (EMP)
Thanks for taking the time to visit the Employment Management Professionals (EMP) website.

If getting jobs for people with employment barriers is important for you, then you have come to the right place.

EMP builds strategic and tactical solutions to real world challenges for getting jobs for people with any type or level of employment barrier. We particularly focus on assisting those individuals with significant employment barriers.

We help senior management, managers, job developers and/or vocational counselors obtain specific “how to” skills to succeed in efficiently and effectively generating employment outcomes for people with employment barriers.

EMP offers both targeted consulting and interactive workshops to build organizational strength in generating employment outcomes success. Our topics include developing organizational strategy, job development; marketing, management, & innovations, vendor enhancement and succeeding with chronically unemployed individuals.

Our approach is straightforward. If you know how to get a job for someone with the worst employment barrier, you can get a job for anyone.

Hopefully our work will inspire you with the realization that finding and securing jobs for practically everyone is doable. You just need to know “how to” do it.

EMP skills will get you more employment outcomes if you are open to new ideas, willing to learn and believe getting jobs for your consumers is essential.

Please visit our Workshops page to see what we have to offer and our Articles page to get a few tips right now on how to enhance your job development efforts.

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Employment Management Professionals Inc. (EMP)
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